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Why NVH?

While some view real estate development as a ‘bricks and mortar’ business, we like to look at it a bit differently. To us, real estate isn’t only about spaces and places – it is also very much about people.

When you’ve got such lofty goals you need people with big imaginations, big ambitions, vast experience and great determination to make it all happen. At the heart of our strategy is the determination to retain and develop the best management team, bar none. We achieve this by creating a stimulating and fulfilling work environment guided by a philosophy of empowerment and encouragement of individuality and initiative. Coupling this with attractive remuneration and incentive packages, which align the interests of our employees with our shareholders and clients, we have assembled a world-class management team from around the world. This team provides a wealth of experience not only in the typical real estate core competencies, but also in finance and financial products, marketing and sales and critical support functions such as property management, human resources, corporate development and customer service.