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About NVH

Nile Valley Holding Co. for Investment (NVH) was established in 2008 as a fast growing Egyptian Incorporation

By a group of professional investors in Egypt in order to participate in establishing new companies issuing securities or even increasing the capital of other companies. Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, NVH’s Licensed capital 450 Million EGP.

NVH’s vision

Is to create many diverse investments to develop the national economy serving its main mission which is; creating a balanced investment environment in Egypt, thus,

NVH acquired and became a shareholder in a number of companies. NVH chooses companies that form the basis of each country’s economy which are real estate development and investment, food industries and agricultural investment. According to the real estate development and investment field NVH acquired “Garden City for Development and Investment Co.” (GC Development) which works as a real estate developer both inside and outside Egypt and also does a lot of housing, commercial and administrative projects. In the Food Industries field, NVH acquired “The Egyptian Company for Food Industries and Meat Products“ (Fresh Food TM) which is a pioneer in producing foods more than 30 years ago.

Nile valley holding

In the agricultural field NVH is a main shareholder in “Nile Valley for Agricultural Development Company” which works in developing and land reclamation in addition to exporting various high value crops to England and the EU (European Union) countries. We will achieve this through:

NVH’S Mission

We endeavor to create meticulously planned and designed human developments that redefine the real estate market by constantly pushing the envelope with regards to quality of life, customer satisfaction and return on investment.

We will achieve this through:

  • Focusing on developments that address people’s evolving lifestyles and practical needs.
  • Achieving exceptional and sustained profitability by delivering excellence.
  • Forging strategic alliances with industry leaders and innovators that provide long term value
  • Investing in companies that provide complimentary expertise
  • Developing a respected, trusted and aspirational brand

Our Value


We are results oriented and are committed to creating value and return on investment for our shareholders and clients.We do not compromise on quality and do our due diligence in all processes in every level of the organization ensure excellence in the end result.



We are forward thinking and initiate change in market instead of reacting to changing market condition after they have become a reality.We are committed to initiate new idea and projects to help contribute to our own and the company`s success.We lead and inspire others to perform and encourage working outside our defined scope.



We believe that every team member contributes with their skill, strengths,perspective and hard work.We encourag aculture of inclusion built on respect,trust and diversity.



We display honesty in all our working relationship, with our colleagues, customers and all stakeholders.We communicate with integrity, and strive to demonstrate transparency in our action. We are open,honest and accountable.



We believe in structure but insist on free thinking and entrepreneuship.We Encourage new idea and out-of-the-box thinkers.


The NVH Factor

The NVH experience, whether at our sales centres, exhibitions, investor conferences, financial department or website has a certain charm that has been coined the NVH Factor. The NVH factor is a direct result of NVH employees, in every department, region and NVH subsidiary, applying the NVH values in any task they work on – no matter how large or small it may seem. By challenging ourselves everyday to ensure achievement, pro-activity, creativity, teamwork and integrity we ensure that the NVH experience is a memorable and exceptional one, on every level, in every department and in every city. As a NVH employee, today you begin contributing to the NVH factor, and how our key stakeholders perceive our company and brand. We trust you will respect this responsibility and enjoy working with people who share a common goal, vision and work ethic.